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SR 70 SWAT – from Lorraine Road to CR 675 (Waterbury Rd) PD&E Study Title

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Public Involvement

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Overview of proposed meetings and outreach

During the PD&E Phase of this project an Alternatives Public Meeting will be held – it is anticipated to be held in Summer 2018. The Alternatives Public Workshop will present to the public the results of the study to date and allow the public to express concerns, ask questions, and make comments to be included in the project files. The Workshop will follow an informal, open house format.

At the end of the PD&E process a meeting will be held that will satisfy the PD&E requirements for a Public Hearing as well as the requirement for an informational workshop during the Design Phase. The Public Hearing will present the project’s recommended alternative(s) and solicit comments for the official project record. The Design Public Workshop, will be held concurrently (same time and location) with the Public Hearing. Meeting attendees will have the opportunity to review and comment on project boards showing the preliminary design plans for the recommended alternative; noise and right-of-way information; and associated reference documents. All comments received at the Public Hearing/Design Public Workshop or within the comment period for the meeting, will be part of the public record. The Public Hearing/Design Public Workshop is anticipated to be held in Winter 2018.

In addition, the project team will be meeting with Manatee County and/or the Sarasota-Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to provide project updates and feedback about the project’s progress. Details about these meetings will be posted here as they occur.

Property owner notification letters have been mailed to those individuals whose property lies, in whole or in part, within 300 feet of the centerline of the project limits. The purpose of the letters was to inform property owners that the project has commenced and to let them know that field work to support data collection efforts have started. Driveway modification letters will also be prepared and mailed to property owners along the corridor who will be impacted by the proposed design

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