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US 92 (SR 600) Design Project


What are the project limits?

The project limits for this project are from just west of Fish Hatchery Road (Milepost 3.847) to east of Reynolds Road (Milepost 4.350).

How can I get involved?

Check this website regularly for meeting dates and times (through the Public Notices page). For questions and comments, please contact the project manager, Fidel Vargas, P.E. through the Email Updates page.

Where can I find the latest project materials?

The latest materials for this project can be found on the Documents and Publications page. Check back regularly for updates.

When will the project be built?

After the completion of Design (anticipated in Fiscal Year 2021) and railroad & utility coordination, the project will be eligible to move into the Construction phase. The Construction phase is anticipated to begin in Fiscal Year 2023. For a full project schedule, see the Schedule page.

Project Phases Summary

During the Design phase, a formal set of construction drawings are developed that are used to bid and build the job. These final plans are very detailed roadway construction plans and include design of a stormwater drainage system, traffic signals, lighting systems, median openings, bridges (if the job includes structures), a plan for signs to be installed along the road, utility plans (if relocations are necessary to accommodate highway expansion), construction sequencing (a plan for maintenance of traffic and driveway access), as well as design of the road itself. Although there is no Right-of-Way phase for this project, there will be coordination with the Railroad and Utilities during Design and before Construction. Within the Design phase, there are still opportunities for public input. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will host a public meeting and a public hearing for this project to provide project information and solicit public comments. FDOT will mail project newsletters in advance of the public meetings to property owners within the project corridor, elected and appointed officials, and other interested parties. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this project, please submit a comment on the Email Updates page.


After design plans are completed and all other coordination is concluded, FDOT advertises the project for construction. Qualified contractors may bid on it. Typically, construction work starts three or four months after FDOT hires the contractor (who must mobilize crews and arrange for equipment and materials). Construction projects may take two to three years, and sometimes longer depending on complexities of the projects and unforseen delays. After FDOT hires the contractor, more information is available about a project's construction schedule and contractor's approach to the work.

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