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SR 62 at US 301 Realignment

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Public Hearing FAQs

The following topics were submitted by the public during the public hearing comment period. FDOT has responded directly to any comments received and those responses have been posted here also. Topics have been summarized and any personal identifiers removed for clarity.

Question: Did the design team consider terminating “old” SR 62 at US 301 by closing it off completely and having all traffic use the new signalized intersection?
Response: Manatee County determined that given the existing homes along this stretch of roadway, the connection was warranted to accommodate those homeowners. The short stretch of "Old" SR 62 west of the connection will become Manatee County right-of-way and the street will be re-named.

Question: Did the design team consider the turning radius of large trucks, ensuring that they have enough room when making right-hand turns from all of the access points?
Response: The design, which was prepared by Manatee County, does take into account the fact that trucks need additional room for turning movements. Turning simulation software was used to determine appropriate widths and distances in the design at the new intersection. A primary purpose of this project was to correct the deficiencies at the existing intersection to eliminate the over-tracking from turning trucks.

Question: Is this new alignment going to affect the future of Erie Road, in terms of future four-laning, and more traffic?
Response: Any roadway improvements on Erie Road just west of the US 301 intersection will be administered by Manatee County. This SR 62 at US 301 realignment project is focused on improving operations and safety at the intersection and ties-in to the existing 2-lane configuration of Erie Road and 2-lane configuration of SR 62 to the east. The additional lanes within the limits of this project are designed to improve turning movements and not for additional capacity. The project does not intend to encourage trucks or other vehicles to re-route to Erie Road from normally using US 301 or Moccasin Wallow Road. Manatee County does have future plans to widen Erie Road to 4-lanes as a separate project.

Question: Will there be any additional future splits of SR 62 north to Moccasin Wallow Road?
Response: Manatee County’s future thoroughfare map (2035 Future Traffic Circulation Functional Classification map) shows a potential future road line that connects SR 62 directly to Moccasin Wallow Road. The State does not have any plans for this concept at this time.


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