SR 82 Road Widening Project from Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road

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About the Project

Picture of SR 82 Lee to Shawnee

Project Description

The Florida Department of Transportation’s (FDOT) contractor, Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, begins work to widen SR 82 to six lanes from just east of Lee Boulevard to Shawnee Road. This 4.5 mile project adds inside and outside paved shoulders, a five-foot sidewalk on the north side and an 8-foot shared-use path on the south side.

Crews begin work with installation of construction signs and silt fence for erosion control. Work occurs during the day and during nighttime/overnight hours. Lane closures on SR 82 may occur in both the northbound and southbound travel lanes from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Variable message signs will be in place to alert drivers that work is underway mid-September 2017.

Motorists should be aware of heavy machinery and large trucks entering and exiting the roadway. Please use caution and plan extra travel time while driving in this area.

Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) on SR 82 at Daniels Parkway and Gunnery Road

The purpose of the Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) is to ease traffic congestion at heavily commuted intersections. CFI’s are safe, efficient, and have been proven to work well in other locations throughout the state.

The CFI at the intersection of SR 82 at Daniels Parkway and Gunnery Road will include multiple signals to reduce turning delays. The current left turning lanes directly at the intersection will be removed and drivers will be required to make a left turn in advance of the intersection. A traffic light will guide drivers safely to a side street leading to the intersection where they can then make a left without having to cross in front of oncoming traffic. Drivers going straight will no longer have to wait for motorists who are turning.


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