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Roundabouts provide a number of benefits over traditional intersections. Click on each FICTION to reveal its FACT!

  • FICTION: Roundabouts are unsafe

    FACT: Roundabouts are safe. They have fewer and less severe crashes, 90% fewer deaths and 75% fewer injuries. In roundabouts, drivers cannot run red lights or stop signs. Roundabouts can be used in various intersection types.

  • FICTION: Roundabouts are dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists

    FACT: Roundabouts have up to 40% fewer incidents with walkers and cyclists.

  • FICTION: Roundabouts cause traffic delays

    FACT: Roundabouts offer non-stop travel since there is no waiting at stop signs or traffic signals.

    Roundabouts accommodate up to 50% more traffic.

  • FICTION: Roundabouts are expensive

    FACT: Roundabouts save on the cost of traffic signals and signal maintenance. During power outages, law enforcement will not have to divert officers to direct traffic.

  • FICTION: Roundabouts are bad for business

    FACT: Businesses near roundabouts have seen an increase in sales with more customers who can easily and safely drive, walk, or bike there. They can also mark a business district or main street.

  • FICTION: Roundabouts are bad for the neighborhood

    FACT: Roundabouts reduce pollution, noise, and fuel consumption due to continually moving traffic. Roundabout center islands can be landscaped with native plants or decorated with public art.

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