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15th Street East & US 301 Boulevard East Design Project


What is the focus of the new 15th Street design?
The focus is on 'complete streets' or streets that consider the safety of a wide variety of users, traffic flow, and maintenance access.

Will the name of the road change due to this project?
No, it will not.

Will there be a change in the speed limit?
The speed limit will not change along the road. If roundabouts are constructed, the speed limit will likely decrease to 25-30 miiles per hour within the roundabout.

Are there additional resources for education about modern roundabouts?
Yes, please visit http://www.swflroads.com/resources/roundabouts for additional information from the Florida Department of Transportation regarding roundabouts.

What if I have an issue with the road that is not a concern of the project (potholes, etc.)?
Please visit the Citizens' Action Center website (http://cac.mymanatee.org/etrakit/) or the Citizens' Action Center mobile app to request a service. Each request goes directly to the Public Works Department of Manatee County.

What if I have a property within the project limits and have a drainage concern?
The goal for drainage in the new design is to maintain or improve what is currently existing. However, the project team will only incorporate solutions that are included on the roadway and not within an individual property.

I saw surveyors on my property and/or marking the roadway outside of the roadway limits. Does this mean my property will be modified?
Survey above ground and identification of utilities below ground is ongoing. Limits of this work can extend beyond the limits of the County-owned right-of-way and does not mean the proposed road will extend into the private property. The survey is required so that the proposed roadway improvements can connect to existing driveways and side streets.

Will there be continued access to businesses along 15th Street during construction?
Yes, the goal is to minimize impacts to day-to-day operations while construction is being completed.

When will construction be completed?
At this time, right-of-way and construction are not funded. Design will take approximately two years to complete. Once funding is available and construction begins, it will take approximately two years to complete.

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